Recruitment Process


Regardless of the membership you are applying for, your application will be denied when:

  • You receive votes at any point of time.
  • You have yet to receive a sum of votes after 7 days.

The title of your topic will then be changed to (Insert Username Here) #2 [Denied]. You can reapply after a week if this is the first time your application has been denied. However, you will have to wait for 2 weeks to re-apply should you get denied the second time onwards. That means that you will have to wait for 2 weeks even if you are trying to re-apply for the 10th time (although you should consider dropping the idea of applying at that point).

Do note that if you apply any earlier than the time specified, even by a minute, your application will be denied, and you may only re-apply after 2 weeks.


If you change your mind about joining us or whenever you wish to improve your own application and apply at a later date, you may void your application. Voiding is only permitted during the Questioning Phase. You can re-apply in a week if you want to, but take note that the second time you void your own application, you will have to wait for 2 weeks to re-apply.


If you happen to become inactive for a period of time while your application undergoes the application phases, your application will be frozen; you will be given 7 additional days to reply, counting from the date you last replied to your application. When you reply to your application, your application will be unfrozen; the application phases will resume as per normal. If you do not manage to reply by the allocated time, your application will be denied.

Note: Only the most recent applications are displayed to the public.

Testing Phase

When your application gets accepted, look for a tester listed in the GeNo’s Official Testers thread.

Depending on how well you’ve done in the test, your application will either be accepted or you'll be told to retake your test in a week. If you fail your second test, however, your application will be denied.

Once accepted—when the title of your topic changes to (Insert Username Here) #2 [Accepted], you may put on the [GeNo] tag. Unofficial Members will remain as they are, for up to 3 months, until deemed successful on a case-by-case basis. They can be promoted to a Member by fulfilling the requirements listed in the Minimum Requirements thread, or by passing any one of the 3 promotion topics made.