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by A Soviet Loli on Wed Mar 14, 2018 9:18 am

Topic 0: Pre-Intro

Disclaimer: This topic will not really cover anything about computer science. It is just here to specify the aim/goal of the overall topics, and what I am probably going to do.

About me

Basically I am mainly studying on Game Programming right now (though its currently holidays for me, which is why I am more active nowadays).
However, I do study Computer Science as both a personal and school subject, with more emphasis on Artificial Neural Network (A.I, in short), and most of my A.Is are mainly created for games.

Why learn Computer Science?

Maybe you just want to be able to conversate with your nerdy friends,
or maybe you just want to learn about how computers work,
or just find a potential subject to get interested into.

There are a tons of reason why you should learn Computer Science, and reasons not to.
Personally, I learnt it cause I enjoy computers and was curious on how they work.

But in my honest point of view, I believe that everyone should at least learn a few basics of Computer Science.
As time goes by, it is near impossible to avoid technology itself and that is where man needs to keep up with it.

What will be covered?

Computer Science itself is a really broad topic. It is like a universal set of computing theories, so asking me to cover all of them is impossible.

This is why there is a word "Basic" strapped beside the title "Computer Science", this whole topic will just cover pretty much the basics of Computer Science.
How basic? It will be quite basic in a manner which every nerd should already know these concepts, but not too basic where anybody would commonly know it.

If you are a expert in computing theories already, I am sorry to say that you probably won't learn anything from here, but I would appreciate it if you could help and contribute to this subject.

How I will cover them

Normally if the topic is pretty short I would just write them out like this as a forum post.
But most likely not, hence I will either upload a link to a google drive or upload a word-doc itself.

I may also split up a topic in multiple sub-topics if I personally feel that its way too long.

Also, I may upload a few files of my code (if its extremely long) if necessary. These scripts are going to be mostly pseudo-code, however I may upload a F#/Python code.
(Do not worry about understanding these codes, I will explain them alongside with the topics)

Setup/Softwares needed

To be honest, you do not need to download any softwares to really follow this lesson along.
Most of the time you probably would just be using online software in the website itself, just to play around, but that is not required too.

As I progress through the topic, I may request to download a few software, but as for now, I fail to think of a software that one must install in order to proceed through the lessons.

But either way, you can optionally download these software to completely follow along the lessons. Note the the word 'optional' to bolded.

(Get the latest version 3.x.x)

Any Text Editor, I am personally using VS Code:
(An example of a text editor is your NotePad.exe, basically it allows you to write stuff onto a file. You would just want to download a text editor that you feel most comfortable with.)

FAQ (even though no questions were asked yet)

Q: Whats the difference between Programming and Computer Science?
A: Computer Science is more of covering theories about a computer rather than hands-on development.
For example, in your math class;
Programming would be teaching you how to use a '+' sign or '-' sign, as well as counting from 0 ~ 9, such as how to perform "4 + 2".
Computer Science would then be teaching you about equations and theories, such as Algebra or Trigonometry

Hence, one teaches you how to use a hammer, the other teaches you how to build a house out of it.

Q: How frequent am I going to release a new topic?
A: Whenever I am free, I am on holiday now but I too, need to enjoy gaming.

That is all, if you guys have any questions, feel free to ask :V

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