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DeniedArjun #1

by Arjun{PI} on Wed Feb 14, 2018 2:59 am

1. Username:
1a. Do you use a multiplayer platform? (i.e. Steam,, etc.)? If so, could you give us your username and ID?:  Nope

2. Discord Username (followed by ID #0000):  Arjun[PI]#0000
2a. If you don't have Discord, would you be able to get it? (This ensures that you can communicate with the clan off-forums.):

3. What timezone do you live in?: +530

4. How or where did you find out about Genosis Gaming?: I got to know about GeNo by their amazing players and youtubers

5. What games do you usually play?:  PB2, Battlefield, WWE2k17, Infamous Second Son, Real Steel Champions, COC, CR

6. What other gaming communities/clans have you been in before?:  A.R.C, YRN

7. Do you personally know anyone in GeNo? If yes, please state them: Panik, Mingo, BlackByrd, FireBreather, Sgt. Dwayne

8. Why do you want to join GeNo?:  I want to join GeNo because I want to prove my skills to everyone and I want a chance to be in one of the best clans in PB2

9. What can you contribute to the clan?:
Extreme loyalty, pleasure, do things to make me and our clan proud, be the best to make GeNo also the best!
```10. What are the best and worst things about you?:  I am a skilled player with being good at both Sniper and swords. Mostly at all the fighting  platforms. I am a well mannered person who doesn't like to swear and talks peacefully. The worst part is that I sometimes swear and start talking trash, also because I lag a bit

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DeniedRe: Arjun #1

by Reiss on Wed Feb 14, 2018 4:36 am

Application Denied

Failed to answer all questions. There are 14 questions in total.


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