Rules/Tips when Applying for GeNo

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Rules/Tips when Applying for GeNo EmptyRules/Tips when Applying for GeNo

by Genosis Official on Sun Jan 07, 2018 10:58 pm

Below are some rules/tips you should follow if you're serious about being accepted into this clan:

1) Follow The Template

If you fail to follow the Application Template properly, you will most likely be denied.

Avoid adding unnecessary colours because this will not increase the chances of you getting accepted. Instead, spend more time in answering the questions and proofreading your application. Organization is key; it's a way of seeing whether or not someone is mature enough to be a part of this group.

If you are a Veteran of GeNo, or an inactive member coming back, we may ask you to use the Membership Confirmation template instead. You may check your membership here.

2) Be Sincere About Joining

If your reasons for joining GeNo is only: "There are good players in this clan," then you might as well not apply. GeNo isn't a skill-based clan; we're looking for honest people who wish to have a good time. We're not here to show off anything and if your standards can't match that, then this isn't the place for you.

Give us personal reasons; tell us why GeNo stands out compared to other clans. That's your best shot.

3) Do Not Attempt To Lie

The information you provide in your application should all be up-to-date and accurate. Lying just makes you look dishonest, and quite frankly, we've dealt with enough liars in the past. Don't become one of them. Should we detect your lies, there will be immediate consequences.

Please make sure you check the Minimum Requirements here before applying.

4) Be Serious

Here at GeNo, we're tolerant of jokes so long as they aren't to demean, harass, or segregate anyone. But really, if you're going to apply for a job, are you going to joke around to your employer? Probably not. So do the same here; we'll take you seriously if you can take us seriously. Once you get accepted, then feel free to chillax with the others.

5) Do Not Double/Triple/Quad/etc. -Post

Posting multiple posts at the same time doesn't make your opinion more valid; it just shows your inability to stay organized. Keep things simple; we don't want to spend the entire day scrolling down a page with the same stuff repeated over and over again. If you wish to respond to the questions posted by multiple GeNo members, make sure you use the "Quote" feature listed in your top right hand corner of the post you want to quote. This will paste the quote within the quick reply, and you can quote and respond to every individual with ease. You will see this in the box:

[quote="Spirit"]Insert content here[/quote]

You will have to reply after the quote function ends (not inside the quote). Now that you have finished responding to a person, do the same to the rest. Once you are done, do not hit the "Send" button immediately; proofread your reply and click on "Preview" if necessary, as you will not have an "Edit" feature to change your content later on. Your response should appear similar to this:

Rules/Tips when Applying for GeNo Quotes10


There is a zero-tolerance policy for plagiarism in GeNo. Copying your answers from another person applying to GeNo or any other clan is the lowest form of any application. Your application will be denied, and you will be banned forever from this clan; we want nothing to do with anyone who can't be honest with even themselves.

7) Do Not Insult Other Members Both Inside AND Outside GeNo

If we see you trash-talking or bragging around the servers to annoy other people, that's going to significantly hurt your chances. We've set up codes of conduct in this clan which state that all members should be respectful of other players, regardless as to "who started it" or whatever the other person may have said. It takes strength not to engage in flame wars, so if you can show us you are confident enough NOT to fight other people, then odds are you'll like it here.

8) Do Not Post On Other Applications

If it is not your application, do not make any posts of any kind on it. Doing so will result in an instant denial of any application you have made or an instant ban from our forums. If you have something important to say about someone's application, contact a Prestige Member (or up) about the matter.

9) Do Not Edit Your Own Application After Submitting it

The moment you finish your application, clicking submit means it is the final draft. If you are caught editing your application, then you will be denied.

10) Do Not Beg For Votes

If you request any of our members to vote +1 in your application, and are found to be doing so, your application will be denied. This is to ensure fairness. If you really want to get more positive votes, you should post an adequate reason on your application to convince our members to do so.

11) Do Not Apply With VPN

Please refrain from using any VPN software. If you are found using a VPN, you will be denied.

If you can follow all of the rules above, odds are you'll be accepted. We wish you the best of luck and welcome all who are willing to apply.
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