Application Template **UPDATED: 6/19/18**

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Application Template **UPDATED: 6/19/18** EmptyApplication Template **UPDATED: 6/19/18**

by Genosis Official on Sun Jan 07, 2018 10:54 pm

Read through all questions carefully and answer them to the best of your ability. Do not leave any blank answers (unless they are optional questions), as it will significantly lower your chances of being accepted and may even get your application denied instantly.

You are to make a topic under the Applications section by clicking on the New Topic button:

Application Template **UPDATED: 6/19/18** I_post

In the topic title field, add a # at the end of your username along with the total number of times you have applied to GeNo. For instance, if this is your second time applying, add a #2 to the end of your username. Example: Count Dracula #2.

Copy the Application Template listed below into the message field of your topic.

 IGN (in-game name):

What is your timezone?:

List off your favorite games:
a) If you have one game that you play the most, how many times in a week do you play it?:
b) Which one is your least favorite game?:

4.    Favorite shows?:

5. What are your hobbies, strengths, and weaknesses?

Disclaimer: When applying, your application will automatically accepted, but that does not yet make you an official member. By applying for GeNo, you will be monitored closely for a full month prior to your official acceptance as a member. Note that if we see you unfit by the end of the month or earlier, your application will be set as denied. You will be expected to respect members, be active, and take responsibility for your actions. Do you hereby officially agree to these terms (Yes/No)?:

UPDATE ( 6/19/18 ): This application process is now an open ended process, which means that there is no longer a Voting Phase and a Questioning Phase. See link below for more information. Monthly process still goes as follows as it is already stated in the disclaimer.

Click here for more information on the recruitment process.

Learn more: What you need to take note of in your application to Geno

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